10 short haircuts elegant suit for any occasion

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A new photo gallery with more than 10 short haircuts, suited for any situations of every day and the most stylish!

Look that will be the ultimate solution for you compromise between a youthful style and chic, and that for their comfort are also a good choice for those women who do not want to lose too much time in adjusting hairstyle everyday.

United Arab Emirates is the luxury country suitable for your honeymoon

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United Arab Emirates is located in East Asia, this is a country with full Luxury. If you have good budget for your honeymoon you can visit United Arab Emirates for honeymoon.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, has one aspect ultra modern as opposed to the boundless desert that characterizes her landscape. They enchant the magnificence Arab Emirates Palace, the hotel covers a circuit of F1 or the tower steeper artificial world. Perhaps the charm of these cities is also due to the strong contrast that exists between much modernity, luxury and artificiality with places types and characteristics as traditional markets, the Suok, mosques and desert dunes.

In Oman, however, you will enjoy unique landscapes and wonderful that will enchant you literally turquoise waters that bathe the white sand where turtles lay their eggs, the endless desert Wahiba Sands; Wadi Shab, a narrow canyon crossed by a stream with water reflections indescribable.

Five Ideas for your honeymoon with low budget

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Are you planning your honeymoon with your mate, but your budget is limited? Some destinations may be more affordable than you think. We offer you 5 ideas for a honeymoon adventurous and romantic without spending much money.

1. North Africa.
A fascinating destination, rich in history, and with an excellent value for money. You can choose from the sandy beaches of Tunisia, or the charm of Egypt. In the latter case we recommend Marsa Alam, location not yet overrun by mass tourism than the more famous Sharm. For those who get married by September on staying in the resort you can be combined with an unforgettable cruise on the Nile. They come in various types, durations and prices; contacting a good travel agency will find the perfect package that falls within your budget.

2. Malta.
 Fascinating and charming, it combines crystal waters to a coastal landscape very romantic, made of ancient castles and small towns. Prices of flights and accommodation are really reasonable.

3. The archipelago of Cape Verde. Here, even those who married in the summer, will find the fresh ocean wind to restore it! It is a place even in the pristine, with landscapes that mix the nearby exotic Africa with references. For a romantic honeymoon without spending a fortune, it is the ideal destination.

4. Mexico. Here mode All Inclusive guarantees but a luxury service at competitive prices, 5-star resort on the breathtaking beaches and the opportunity to combine beach holiday with various cultural itineraries to the discovery of the Mayan civilization.

5. New York? The Big Apple offers everything: entertainment, romance, culture, shopping, all at affordable prices, now considering the many offers of flight and the amount of accommodation available. If you want something more daring plan a small tour of the East Coast cities, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and maybe a stop at the spectacular Niagara Falls.