United Arab Emirates is the luxury country suitable for your honeymoon

8:03 AM
United Arab Emirates is located in East Asia, this is a country with full Luxury. If you have good budget for your honeymoon you can visit United Arab Emirates for honeymoon.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, has one aspect ultra modern as opposed to the boundless desert that characterizes her landscape. They enchant the magnificence Arab Emirates Palace, the hotel covers a circuit of F1 or the tower steeper artificial world. Perhaps the charm of these cities is also due to the strong contrast that exists between much modernity, luxury and artificiality with places types and characteristics as traditional markets, the Suok, mosques and desert dunes.

In Oman, however, you will enjoy unique landscapes and wonderful that will enchant you literally turquoise waters that bathe the white sand where turtles lay their eggs, the endless desert Wahiba Sands; Wadi Shab, a narrow canyon crossed by a stream with water reflections indescribable.

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